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Education Materials

Access resources for educators and professionals; lesson plans, posters on children’s rights and our website for young people. Our materials are suitable, and can be adapted for children aged 4-17 years. If you're a child, parent or educator and you want to play a game about rights, click on itsyourright.

Lesson plans and activities for those working with children and young people.

We have developed materials for educators to explore issues relating to children's rights in Ireland with children and young people. Our It's your right section on our website also has age-appropriate information about children's rights for ages 4-17, as well as a game to test what they know about rights.

Available in English and Irish, and written by experienced teachers, these resources are easily downloadable and adaptable.

It's your right

It's your right is a section on our website dedicated to children and young people, as well as parents and educators. Designed in consultation with young people, this site has age-appropriate information children aged 4-17. You can find information, pictures and videos, as well as a game called "Rights Runner" where you can test your knowledge on children's rights!

It's your right


Every year, the Ombudsman for Children’s Office welcomes approximately 1,400 primary and post-primary students to children’s rights workshops in it’s specially designed education and participation spaces in the office.

We have developed a number of free online resources that can be used in schools by teachers and students to help them learn about their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the work of the OCO in protecting and promoting those rights.

These include a video presentation and accompanying teacher or self-learning notes:

  • Post-primary: screencast presentation to be used either in the classroom or at home
    • Self-learning notes for Politics and Society to accompany screencast
    • Teacher notes for Senior and Junior Cycle CSPE and SPHE with activities to facilitate group learning
  • Primary: video workshop with accompanying teachers notes and activities


Download Senior Cycle screencast here
Download Teacher CSPE/SPHE notes for Senior Cycle 
Download Self-learning notes for Politics and Society

Download Junior Cycle Prezi here
Download Teacher CSPE/SPHE notes for Junior Cycle here


Download Primary school presentation here 

Download Teacher notes for Primary level here

Download Resource sheet for Activity 3 here



September 2017 marked the 25th Anniversary of Ireland’s ratification of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. The Ombudsman for Children’s office marked this significant milestone by inviting everyone to get involved and to celebrate ‘Children Now, Rights Now’.

We have created a range of educational resources for teachers and educators to help teach young people of all ages about their rights and about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Making Children’s Rights Real is a suite of resource materials to support teachers in primary and post-primary schools to explore children’s rights with their students in the context of curriculum teaching and learning.

The materials include an important focus on supporting children and young people to implement an action for children’s rights.


Support Materials for Junior and Senior Infant Teachers:

Support Materials for all Teachers

What do you say? is a resource that explore issues relating to children’s rights. It includes references to rights in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Constitution.

These activities were created by a group of practising teachers and have been developed to facilitate implementation of aspects of the curriculum.

The materials introduce the role and work of the Ombudsman for Children’s Office and give children the opportunity to explore and discuss the following issues: Having a voice and being heard; Family and care; Health and wealth; Education; Play, leisure and recreation, and Inclusion.

There are a range of materials suitable for children and young people of all ages:

Junior and Senior Infants

Naíonáin Shóísearcha agus Shinsearacha

First and Second Class

Rang 1 agus 2

Third and Fourth Class  

Fifth and Sixth Class

Rang 5 agus 6