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Child Talks

As part of the World Children’s Day celebrations the Ombudsman for Children's Office developed an educational speaker’s event called Child Talks. The main aim of this project is to elevate the voice of young people and provide a positive platform for all young people to tell stories that are personal to them.

Child Talks 2022

Child Talks is an annual event from the Ombudsman for Children’s Office to mark World Children’s Day that hears directly from children and young people about the issues that matter to them. To celebrate Child Talks fifth year, we came directly to you live from the home of Dáil Éireann in Leinster House!

 Child Talks gives children a platform to share their views and experiences on issues that are important to them. Inspired by the location, the theme of this year’s event was ‘If I were Taoiseach for a day…’.

Our speakers aged 11 to 17 addressed an audience in Leinster House on a range of topics, including homelessness, education reform, autism supports, accessibility, rural transport, female empowerment, the Irish Language and listening to children.

Child Talks 2022 was hosted by our incredible past speakers, Anjelica and Dariusz.

Schools across the country tuned in online and we were even joined by Scoil Chrónáin in Leinster House.

Check out our Child Talks 2022 speakers and activity sheets for schools here.



Child Talks 2021

This year to celebrate World Children's Day, the Ombudsman for Children's Office hosted Child Talks 2021, our event where children and young people up to age 18 are given a platform to talk about children’s rights and the issues that matter to them.

Our incredible speakers - Dariusz, Franny, Anjelica, Ella, Precious, Darragh, Bobby and Molly - shared their inspiring stories on topics including climate change, mental health, fast fashion, Direct Provision, gender equality, life with scoliosis, and safety on the roads. You can learn more about our speakers here.

Child Talks 2021 was hosted by our brilliant past speakers Katherine Amusan and Oisin Putt.

The hybrid event was broadcast from the RDS, Dublin on November 19th and is available to watch below.



Child Talks 2020 was a completely online event. The Theme of the event was A Day in My Life.

Katherine (16), Charlie (8), Maria (16), Afaf (13), Emer (17), Evan (18), Cuan (10) and India (17) shared their inspiring stories on topics including cultural expression, mental health, homelessness, individuality, looking after our local environment, living with autism, and youth activism.

Child Talks 2020 was hosted by our brilliant past speakers Katie McKenna (19) and Eric Ehigie (19).

Child Talks took place at The Printworks, Dublin Castle on World Children’s Day, Wednesday 20th November and the theme was “Your Best Self”. The opening address was delivered by the Minster for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone.

Speakers were Lily, (12) from Dublin who talked about personal budgets; Carly (14) from Co.Laois who talked about period poverty; Amina (13) from Dodoma, a central part of Tanzania in East Africa spoke about the challenges she faces as a girl child; Oisin (17) is a wheelchair user with Spina Bifida and an athlete who talked about equity for the disabled community; Ellen (15) from Donegal who talked about climate change; Ryan (15) from Dundalk in Co. Louth who talked about his experience as a young person with a disability; Leanne (17) from Dublin who talked about her relationship with her sister who has a diagnosis of autism; Kate (16) from Wicklow who talked about her chromosomal disorder and Eric (17) from Longford who talked about why he believes that more young people from diverse backgrounds should run for election.

The Kabin Crew, a collective of young rappers and singers with GMCBeats Workshops, supported by Music Generation Cork City performed on the day.

Child Talks was introduced for the first time in 2018. The event took place at City Hall in Dublin. 

Amy (17) from Co. Sligo talked about how growing up in Ireland as a young Trans person; Aoibheann (12) from Co. Mayo talked about lack of broadband in rural Ireland; Katie (17) from Kilkenny talked about the importance of accepting difference and coming out as a young gay woman; Margaret (14) from Offaly talked about growing up in Ireland as a young Traveller; Fearghal (18) from Dublin talked his love for the creative arts and how it helped him to escape from his boredom in school; Grace (16) from Dublin explained her emotional struggles and the importance of education and Sinead (20) from Galway performed on the day.

Music Generation is Ireland’s national music education programme operating in 22 cities and counties across Ireland. Music Generation aims to transform the lives of children and young people by creating access to high quality, affordable music tuition in their local areas.

Music Generation has taken part in Child Talks since 2018.

Julien Clancy, Storyteller and Mentor

Julien Clancy is the founder of The Dublin Story School. With nearly 5 years experience in helping people tell personal stories that connect, Julien has worked as storytelling coach with Child Talks since it began in 2017. Through group workshops, one on one coaching and rehearsals, Julien will help participants in Child Talks 2021, find personal stories that matter inspired by the issues they care about.

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