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Research on children’s rights

The Ombudsman for Children’s Office carries out and commissions research on important issues affecting children.

This research can involve:

  • Looking at reports and other evidence about the issues affecting children in Ireland.
  • Finding examples of how the rights of children are protected in other countries.
  • Listening to the views and experiences of children.
  • Listening to the views and experiences of parents/carers and professionals working with children.

This research helps us to understand whether children’s rights are being protected and we use the findings and the experiences shared by children, families and professionals in our work. It also encourages the Government and public bodies to work in a way that promotes the rights and welfare of children.

Recent and ongoing work

Child-friendly Administration: A Consultation

We commissioned the Child Law Clinic, School of Law at University College Cork to carry out this study. It looks at how children’s rights are promoted and protected in the actions and decisions of administrative bodies (for example, Government departments, schools, child protection services and hospitals). As part of this study, the research team has examined some of the complaints made to the Ombudsman for Children’s Office and has spoken to children and families about their experiences.

1924 Declaration of the Rights of the Child

In 1924, the League of Nations signed up to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, also known as the ‘Declaration of Geneva’. In 2015, a woman named Bobby Bryan gave us a copy of the Declaration of Geneva which was produced by the Irish Save the Children Fund in the 1920s and is signed by well-known people in Irish life at that time, including Douglas Hyde, William T Cosgrave, Éamon de Valera and Eoin MacNeill.

In 2016, we commissioned research to find out more about this copy of the 1924 Declaration and how it might have been used. We plan to publish a report about this research as part of our planned programme to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ireland’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

You can find all of our research publications in our online library.