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What is it?

The Ombudsman for Children’s office marked this significant milestone by inviting everyone to get involved and to celebrate ‘Children Now, Rights Now’.

We wanted to create more awareness of children’s rights by revisiting the promise Ireland made to children and young people.

We encouraged all organisations who work with children to think about how they can make children’s rights real.

We hosted a launch event on the 28th of September where 200 young people engaged with 50 policy makers about what life is like in Ireland today and what children’s rights mean to them.

Key messages for 25th Anniversary

  • Let’s have a national conversation about ‘children now and rights now’
  • This is the UN Convention on Children’s Rights – individually and collectively, how can we make rights real for Irish children and young people?
  • To the children of Ireland – you are the future ‘rights-enforcers’ with opportunities to shape the future – guide us
  • How do children’s rights relate to their everyday lives and how as a society do we support them?

Watch out for information and updates about the 25th Anniversary year here and on our Facebook and Instagram and let us know if we can support your planning (01)8656800 and