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Family law resources

We know that family separation is a difficult issue for children and young people in Ireland.

In 2013, we worked with the Courts Service to develop two short information films for young people and parents about what happens when families separate. We did this to promote awareness of children’s rights in these situations.

These two videos are ideal as learning tools and resources for professionals working with children, e.g. social workers, family lawyers, teachers, as well as parents going through separation. They are of course, also very helpful for children and young people.

You are not alone

This short film gives information about the different routes parents can take when they separate e.g. family mediation or going to court. It encourages children and young people to talk about how they are feeling and gives information on where they could find help.

Finding your way – for parents

This short film gives information to parents about different options for them to consider if they are separating. It explains what happens in the District Family Law Courts and family mediation, and it gives advice and information on support services that are available.