Family Law Project

During 2013, the Ombudsman for Children’s Office and the Courts Service worked together to develop two short information films for parents and young people. We collaborated on this initiative in accordance with the OCO’s statutory obligation to promote awareness of matters relating to children’s rights and welfare, including among children and young people.

You Are Not Alone is a short film that gives young people (13-15 years) information about some of the routes parents may take when they separate (e.g. family mediation or going to court). The film encourages young people in these circumstances to talk about how they’re feeling and to get support if they need it. This film may also support parents to talk with their children about steps they might be taking following separation and be a useful resource for professionals working with young people in these circumstances.


Finding Your Way is a short film for parents, which provides information about the District Family Law Courts and family mediation as well as information, advice and support services that may assist parents with reaching agreement on important issues affecting them and their children following separation. In addition to parents, this film may also be a useful resource for professionals working with parents who have separated.

For information about and contact details for some of the information, advice and support services available in Ireland to parents and young people in these circumstances, click on the link on the menu on the left of this page.