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Bullying in schools 2013

A project with children and young people about how to tackle the issue of bullying in schools.

What was it?

We talked to children and young people about how to tackle the issue of bullying in schools, with a focus on coming up with solutions. A lot of complaints had come to the OCO about how schools deal with bullying and we wanted to hear how children and young people felt about it. That is part of our job.

Who took part?

300 children and young people took part from different schools across the country.

What did they say?

Children and young people said that a whole school approach to preventing bullying was needed – that means that all parts of the school, and everyone working in the school would be involved. They also said that strategies are needed to help students themselves deal with bullying. This video about children’s and young people’s views on dealing with bullying in schools highlights many of the ideas that children and young people believed to be important for schools to tackle bullying well.

What did we do after the consultation?

We wrote a report that highlighted the views of the children and young people, as well as our recommendations that might help schools combat bullying. Our report was published in 2012 and helped inform the Action Plan on Bullying and the Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools published by the Department for Education in 2013.

Read the full report on bullying in school.