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Developing your talents and abilities

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What does this mean?

It’s your right to have a balanced education, that it isn’t only about maths and writing.

You should have time to play music and sport and practice your talents and abilities.

EXAMPLE: You should be able to take part in after-school activities and in your area.

Learn more about this right

  • Article 29 of the UNCRC says “Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.”
  • In Ireland, the rules that guide our laws (the constitution), says that your education is your parent’s responsibility. They should teach you what is right and wrong.
  • It also says that it’s your right to go to primary school for free and that the Government should make sure schools are safe and well-run.
  • An organisation called the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NCCA) is in charge of writing and creating the subjects that you should learn in school. They try to make education in Ireland better and fair.
  • In many secondary schools, fourth year is called Transition Year. In this year you get to develop your talents and abilities and in some schools, try things like self-defence, first aid, work experience and drama.