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Best interests

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What does this mean?

When adults are making choices about your life, they should think about what is best for you.

Everyone who looks after children, like judges, teachers, parents, carers and social workers, all need to think about what is best for the children they work with.

Example: an adult shouldn’t let you watch over 18s films as this is not good for you.

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Do I have this right in Ireland?

  • UNCRC, article 3, it’s your right that adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions affect children.
  • In Ireland, judges must think about what is good for the child when they are deciding on family matters in court.
  • This right is balanced against other rights.
  • Example: if your parents think you are in trouble, they might read your text messages (which would go against your right to privacy).

  • Barnardos – works for and with vulnerable children in Ireland
  • EPIC – works on behalf of children in care and gives them a voice
  • ISPCC – is Ireland’s child protection charity
  • Childline – this is a listening service run by ISPCC. You can call 1800666666 or free text 50101