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Being safe

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What does this mean?

It’s your right to be safe and protected from harm.

No one should hurt you on purpose, or force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing, like keeping secrets or anything that makes you feel unsafe.

Example: There are laws in Ireland that protect children and say that children can’t be hurt or treated badly.

Learn more about this right

  • It’s your family’s job to care for you and keep you safe.
  • If, for whatever reason, it isn’t safe for you to be with your parents, it’s the Government’s job to care for you and keep you safe.
  • The Child and Family Agency (Tusla) and Gárdaí work together to make sure that children are safe and cared for in Ireland.
  • If you don’t feel safe, or if you’re worried about anything, you can call or text Childline on 1800666666, or in dangerous situations, you should ring the Gárdaí on 999.
  • You should also be safe online. Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year in February and it is a day to think about safety online.