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Plean Straitéiseach OOL

In holding public organisations to account we will use the powers we have in law and utilise EU and UN mechanisms as appropriate.

Three-Year Strategic Plan 2019–2021

This plan outlines our 4 main objectives and the key areas of activity we will pursue to achieve them.

Objective 1

We will increase awareness of children and young people’s rights, the UNCRC and the OCO.


1.1 We will continue to develop and implement initiatives to increase awareness among public and other organisations, members of the public and children and
young people of children’s rights and the OCO, including our role as a redress mechanism. We will focus in particular on engaging with groups who may find the OCO harder to reach.

1.2 We will work on thematic issues, including issues children and young people are concerned about, in order to promote children and young people’s rights and support learning by public and
other organisations.

Objective 2

We will work to strengthen capacity among public organisations whose work impacts on children and young people to take a child-centred approach to their practice.


2.1 We will encourage a childcentred and transparent approach to decision-making through all our engagements with public organisations.

2.2 We will support capacity building among relevant public organisations to implement policies, procedures and practices that are consistent with childcentred public administration, including with regard to complaints handling.

Objective 3

We will hold public organisations to account for their actions and decisions affecting children and young people.


3.1 We will use our statutory independence and powers to encourage public organisations to fulfil their obligations to realise children’s rights. We will question where this does not occur and recognise good practice when it is evident.

3.2 We will continue to pursue the progressive realisation of rights of vulnerable groups of children and young people, in particular children with disabilities, children experiencing mental health and homeless children. We will also pay particular attention to children in Direct Provision and those in the Traveller and Roma communities.

3.3 We will support international and European monitoring mechanisms in their work to hold the State to account for its actions and decisions concerning children’s rights.

Objective 4

We will continue to develop the OCO as a well-functioning and effective independent statutory body.


4.1 We will continue to foster a positive and encouraging work environment within the OCO, including by supporting the continued professional development of staff.

4.2 We will continue to develop, implement and review our legislation, organisational policies and procedures.

4.3 We will strive to improve our accessibility and inclusivity to all

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