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Tá tú anseo:  

Ár fís agus ár fiúntas

Our vision

We want to see an Ireland where all children and young people are actively heard and respected so that they experience safe, fulfilling and happy everyday lives.

We will use our independence and powers to the fullest extent to bring this about.

Our values

These are the things that drive us as a team and make us who we are:

  • Compassionate — we care about children and young people and want to see their lives improved.
  • Independent — our independence is important so we can say the things that need to be said and hold public organisations to account.
  • Accessible — we are open to listening to children and young people and the adults who care and work with them.
  • Authoritative — when we speak out on behalf of children and young people we do so in a confident way informed by our research and backed up by the law that created the OCO.
  • Innovative — we are creative thinkers and are interested in promoting new ways of working with and for children and young people.
  • Transparent — we want everything we do to be open and easily understood so we can be held to account for the work we do.

This means that as a team we are committed to providing a high quality professional service and will, at all times treat you politely, respectfully and with dignity.

Read the OCO Strategic Plan 2016-2018 in full