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OCO Strategic Plan

In holding public organisations to account we will use the powers we have in law and utilise EU and UN mechanisms as appropriate.

Three-Year Strategic Plan 2016–2018

This plan outlines our 3 main objectives and the key areas of activity we will pursue to achieve them.

Objective 1

We will increase awareness of children and young people’s rights, the UNCRC and the role of OCO.


1.1 We will develop and implement initiatives to increase awareness among public organisations, members of the public and children and young people of the OCO’s role, children’s rights, and issues that children and young people are concerned about.

1. 2 We will prepare and publish briefings on thematic issues affecting children and young people in order to promote children and young people’s rights and to support learning and good practices by public organisations.

1. 3 We will integrate child rights impact assessments, as relevant and appropriate, into our publications with a view to strengthening understanding among public organisations of the importance of respecting and promoting children’s rights.

Objective 2

We will work to build capacity among public organisations whose work impacts on children and young people to develop and implement a child rights based approach to their practice.


2 .1 We will promote and support good practices in complaint handling affecting children and young people, starting with education providers.

2.2 We will support capacity building among relevant public organisations to implement policies, procedures and practices that are consistent with child friendly public administration.

2.3 We will work with others to encourage and support safe and effective participation in social and digital media by children and young people.

Objective 3

We will influence positive change for and with children and young people in Ireland.


3 .1 We will explore and advise Government on the merits of introducing legislation that would allow public organisations to make an apology and, with that, support the early resolution of complaints made by or on behalf of children and young people.

3.2 We will pursue the progressive realisation of rights of vulnerable groups of children and young people, in particular children with disabilities, children experiencing mental health issues and homeless children.

3.3 We will impress upon Government the importance of ensuring that child protection services are effective and robust for all children.

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