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Our vision and values

It is our vision that we can work towards an Ireland where all children and young people are actively heard and respected, so that they experience safe, fulfilling and happy everyday lives.

Our vision

Our vision is designed to encapsulate the OCO view of what we want to achieve for children - the kind of future to which our Office aspires.

We will use our independence and powers to bring about an Ireland where the whole of society actively hears and respects all children, and supports them to be safe and fulfilled in their lives.

Our values

These are the things that drive us as a team and make us who we are:

  • Respect – is a commitment to show kindness and respect to all of the people, child or adult, we engage with whether inside or outside of our
    Office. We also strive to maintain and support a diverse, inclusive and equal workforce.
  • Integrity – is a pledge to operate with honesty and transparency in all of our dealings within the Office and with everyone we deal with. We
    will strive to build trust and maintain clear and open communications with children, complainants, public bodies and staff.
  • Independence – is a commitment to cherish and protect our independence so that we can say, with authority, the things that need
    to be said and hold public organisations to account.
  • Courage – is the openness to push hard for the rights of children. It involves accepting pressure and knockbacks in that pursuit, but it also means we relish constructive challenge so that we can continue to be self-reflective around our work.
  • Fairness – is a promise to work at all times to be fair in all of our dealings with staff, children, complainants and public agencies. Fairness is the backbone of trust and integrity both within the Office and outside of it.
  • Fun/Joy – is a determination to allow for and encourage fun within the work environment. This is an important element of a positive work culture and one that helps us cope with the difficult and emotionally charged work we all engage in every day.

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