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I want to make a complaint

Anyone under the age of 18 can make a complaint to us.

We look into complaints about services for children paid for by the Government like schools or hospitals or family supports. We look at whether the way a child has been treated is fair and is in line with the rules in place.

When you have a concern, the first step is to talk to the service that you are unhappy with and see if they can fix the problem straight away. Make sure you keep a record of all the conversations you have with the service. This could be letters or emails, or it could be notes that you have taken of a meeting or phone call.

If you make a complaint to the service and you are not happy with what they say, you can come to us at the OCO. We provide a free, independent and impartial service. This means that we do not take sides. We want to find out what has happened and, if necessary, how it can be fixed.

The easiest way to make a complaint is to fill out our complaint form online.

You can also print a copy of the complaint form and post it to us at the Ombudsman for Children’s Office, Millennium House, 52-56 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1.

If you want to speak to one of our caseworkers, you can ring us on our Freephone 1800 20 20 40 and they will go through the form with you or send you one.