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Our team

The OCO team is made up of Complaints and Investigations; Participation and Rights Education; Policy and Research; Communications and Corporate services.

The Complaints and Investigations team respond to complaints from the public about services provided to children. They talk to those who make complaints to find out more about their problem and they interact directly with the public body. The OCO Complaints and Investigations team always try to resolve issues early. If they can’t, then they will examine the issue further and in some cases carry out a full investigation.

The Participation and Rights Education team run our workshops and seminars. They are responsible for raising awareness of children’s rights by interacting with, and consulting directly with children and young people.

The Policy and Research team are responsible for submissions and advice made by the OCO to Government, the UN or other bodies. They carry out research on children’s rights issues and they ensure that the Ombudsman and the rest of the OCO team are briefed on international human rights standards.

The Corporate Services team at the OCO make sure that Office runs efficiently and that the operation of the office adheres to all relevant legislation as a statutory body.

The Communications team deals with media queries, OCO publications, our website and social media platforms. They also support and promote all of the other work that takes place across the Office. It is the role of the Communications team to make the OCO more accessible and to help people understand our views on issues relating to children’s rights.