Complaints and Investigations

The Ombudsman for Children’s Office will occasionally publish an investigation it has undertaken if it feels that there is some learning to be had from it.

To date the OCO has published the following investigations:

OCO Housing Investigation – July 2017

Education In Focus – November 2016

Reasonable Accommodations for Certi cate Examinations (RACE): Complaints to the Ombudsman for Children – June 2016

Own volition investigation into the HSE’s (now Tusla – the Child and Family Agency) registration, inspection and monitoring service for private and voluntary children’s residential centres – February 2015

An investigation into a decision by the HSE (now Tusla, the Child and Family Agency) to cease a Section 10 payment to a family – May 2014 (PDF 255KB)

A meta-analysis of repetitive root cause issues regarding the provision of services for children in care – December 2013 (PDF 600k)

A statement based on an investigation into provision by the Department of Education and Skills and the HSE for a child in care – July 2013 (PDF, 184KB)

HSE’s failure to provide necessary supports to a child following alleged sexual abuse disclosures – October 2013 (PDF, 403KB)

Resource teaching allocation for children with Down Syndrome – May 2013 (PDF, 231KB)

HSE’s refusal to provide a child with a powered wheelchair – April 2011 (Updated September 2013) (PDF, 287KB)

Report on HSE Social Work Service Provision in North Lee, Cork – April 2013 (PDF, 444KB)

HSE’s refusal to comply with a commitment to fund assistance for treatment abroad for a child – April 2013 (PDF, 502KB)

A complaint regarding the inclusion of a child with disabilities attending a mainstream pre-school under the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme – March 2013 (PDF 500KB)

An examination of the HSE’s homelessness service for children – November 2012 (PDF, 503KB)

Refusal of a school to enrol a pregnant girl – April 2012 (PDF, 176KB)

Follow up on Children First investigation – March 2012 (PDF, 238KB)

Refusal of assistive technology grant to a child by the Department of Education and Skills – March 2012 (PDF, 135KB)

Child protection concerns for a child while in respite care – October 2011 (PDF, 73KB)

HSE failure to provide support for a child in foster care with special needs – August 2011 (PDF 125KB)

A Children’s Rights Analysis of Investigations- April 2011 (PDF 572KB)
A Human Rights Analysis of 10 Key Investigations

A report on HSE care provided to a young person prior to his death – April 2011 (PDF 151KB)

Investigation into Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children- April 2010 (PDF 892KB)

A review of complaints on behalf of children with special needs regarding the provision of housing – Report to the Oireachtas – September 2009 (PDF 143KB)

School transport provision for 23 children – December 2008 (PDF, 1.14MB)

Failure of a local authority to provide appropriate housing for a child with a disability – January 2007 (PDF, 88KB)

Booklets aimed at professionals in public bodies who are working with children

InvestigationsA Guide to Investigations by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office (PDF, 0.13 MB)




ComplainthandlingA Guide to Complaint Handling by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office (PDF, 3.74 MB)