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Ombudsman for Children Office Launch Child Talks 2020

Child Talks 2020, which showcases the views and experiences of children in Ireland on World Children’s Day, will be officially launched on Wednesday, July 29th at 2pm by the Ombudsman for Children. The webinar launch will feature a panel of speakers from previous Child Talks events, including the host, as well as the Children’s Ombudsman Dr Niall Muldoon. The speakers will share their experiences of taking part in Child Talks and how they used their personal stories to highlight issues that mattered to them.


Speaking ahead of the launch, the Children’s Ombudsman, Dr Niall Muldoon said, “Child Talks is a unique event that gives children and young people the chance to have their say on a public platform. Every year we hear a range of stories from children all over Ireland about the issues that matter to them, whether it be the digital divide, access to healthcare or discrimination. The Covid crisis has been a really difficult time for children and young people in particular and has no doubt raised a plethora of new issues. We’ve had some amazing young people take part in Child Talks over the past two years, and I’m delighted that Eric, Katie and Kate will be sharing their experiences with us at the launch next week.”


At last year’s event, Eric Ehigie (18), who will host the webinar launch, discussed how he became involved in politics at a young age. Eric commented, “Child Talks 2019 was phenomenal! It presented me with the opportunity to meet like-minded young people who are passionate about improving society in their own special ways, learn new skills, build my confidence, and share to the country the issues that I feel most strongly about. I have gained so much from the event and the build-up to it. It is certainly a significant moment of my life that I will always remember.”


Panellist Katie McKenna (17), who was the first speaker at the first Child Talks event in 2018 said, “Child Talks gave me a phenomenal opportunity to grow as a person and meet amazing people with different world views and experiences. It helped give me a voice to speak about what I was passionate about and sparked a love of social activism.”


Panellist Kate Murphy (17) added, “Child Talks 2019 was a fantastic experience for me. It was great getting the opportunity to share my own story and to meet other children and to hear their stories. The workshops helped to build our confidence and we all learned together in a supportive and fun environment. In my talk I spoke about the challenges I’ve faced, how I’ve gotten so much help along the way and the difference it made to me when people were kind and supportive when I needed it most.”


The theme of this year’s Child Talks will be revealed at the launch, and plans unveiled for workshops for children and young people interested in taking part. Child Talks 2020 will be held in November to coincide with World Children’s Day.


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