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Ombudsman for Children’s Office Strategy 2007-2010

This is the OCO’s first Strategic Plan. It was important to give particular consideration to establishing an organisation with the appropriate values, culture, management systems and staff profiles which will serve for the long-term.

It has often been said that a working culture is engrained at a very early stage. In this respect, considerable effort was invested in establishing a culture of independence, of commitment and hard work for the interests of children and young people. A substantial amount of time was invested in developing an understanding of existing national stakeholders and work dedicated to children’s interests and the safeguarding of children’s rights.

In developing our strategy, it is important that we acknowledge the work of existing agencies and seek, within the confines of our purpose and role, to augment rather than duplicate existing work being carried out on behalf of children and young people. This strategy outlines the OCO’s strong sense of direction and a clear vision of what it is we need to prioritise for 2007 – 2010.