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More than School

What it’s about:

School is not just about learning, it’s about friends, it’s about sport, it’s about being part of a community.

We’ve heard from teachers and parents, from unions and the Department of Education. Now we want to hear directly from you, children and young people.

Tell us about how you feel about going back to school. Are you happy? Are you nervous? What do you expect?

What your favourite thing about school? How has school changed during the pandemic? Who is your Covid-19 School Hero? What is the reality of homeschool?

How to get involved:

We are asking students returning to school to send us a video, a photo, a comment, a reel – anything that shows what going back to school means to you.

Tell us your story.

To take part email or Whatsapp 087 102 9039.

We want to hear from all ages, from all parts of the country. If you have additional needs or need help to get involved, get in touch and we will help.

#MoreThanSchool will run until 12th April. Our Youth Advisory Panel will select 4 runners up and an overall winner. An ipad and other great prizes are up for grabs.

When you send your entry we will contact you to get permission from you and your parents to share it online or on our social accounts. If we don’t get permission, we will not be able to use your entry and we will have to delete it from our records. Remember, if you share information that makes us think that you are in danger or at risk of being hurt, we will have to follow up on this.