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Review of the National Leaving and Aftercare Policy 2011

The OCO made a submission on the review of the HSE National Policy and Procedure Document for Aftercare Service Provision in November 2016.

The OCO welcomed the opportunity to make this submission and drew on its experience from dealing with complaints in relation to issues relating to leaving care and aftercare provision when completing this submission. These complaints included issues relating to: delays in aftercare planning; inadequate planning generally; lack of provision of aftercare support; and inconsistencies and a wide variation in aftercare service provision nationally.

The OCO provided information on, and made recommendations in the following areas: A rights-based approach to the National Leaving and Aftercare Policy; Delivery of Aftercare Services and Supports; Eligibility for Services; Assessment of Need; Preparation for Leaving Care and the Aftercare Plan; Accessing Services and Supports; Inter-agency cooperation; and Monitoring and Evaluation.