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A children’s rights analysis of investigations

The purpose of this review is to audit our approach to the investigations function in monitoring children’s rights and to determine in the context of a need for public sector reform, the areas that particularly affect children and require attention.

The aim of this research was to examine a select number of Investigation Statements with a view to assessing whether and to what extent the actions of the public bodies in question met children’s rights standards.

The 10 investigation statements, chosen by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children for consideration are:

  1. Failure to provide appropriate housing in the case of a child with a disability;
  2. Provision of school transport for 23 children;
  3. The refusal by a County Council to grant tenancy of a local authority dwelling;
  4. The delay in a suitable placement being made available to a young person by the  HSE;
  5. Eligibility for Concessionary School Transport of a Child with Special Needs;
  6. Inability by a child with autism to avail of home tuition under the July provision scheme for 2003-2005;
  7. The Administrative Actions of the Department of Education and Science with respect to an application for a home tuition grant made by a child with Autism;
  8. Investigation into HSE provision for a mother and her baby, both in the care of the State;
  9. Appropriate care for a young person who died in HSE care; and
  10. Provision of supports and therapeutic services and care for a child with special needs in foster care.