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The right to family and care…

17 April 2023

by E

It is your right to be cared for by your family. Family and care is really important for a child’s well-being and growth. Having a supportive family that loves and cares for you is crucial for a child’s development.

Children need to feel loved and valued in their family. This will help them build up their confidence and self-esteem, which are important characteristics in life. Parents should be responsible with providing their children with basic necessities such as a home, food, clothes and an education.

Spending quality time with family is important. Engaging in family activities and having conversations can help build relationships. Family and care for children is important it provides the child with love and support that children need to succeed in life

An example of your rights in family and care is once you are 16 years old you are allowed leave your home with permission of your parents. Once you are 18 years old you don’t need their permission.

It is a child’s right to feel safe with a family and to be cared for.