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The Right to a home…

10 May 2023

by S

Every child has the right to a home. Children have a right to have a safe place to live. Building regulations are in Ireland so that houses that are built are safe to live in. For example, people who can’t afford their own home or housing.

You can apply for social housing from your local authority. There is a long waiting list of people waiting on social housing [council housing].

It’s a parent’s job to meet all their child’s basic needs. This includes enough water, enough food, health care and a safe place to live. It is the government’s job to help families in need to that.

In my opinion children should not have to live in hotels. I find it very unfair and very hard on the children.

Children at any age shouldn’t be living in one room homes or homes with cameras around them. It makes the child feel like they are constantly being watched.

Having children living in homes with cameras or only one room homes takes away a child’s right to privacy and takes away their right to play.