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Mental health care of children in care must improve…

2 March 2021

by S

The mental health care of children in care must improve. More supports aside from having their own social worker should be given. When a child is in care, it could have a large effect on their mental health, they could have suffered a large sum of trauma.

When trauma is not dealt with, it may follow the child into their adult life. Traumatic events can affect how a child's brain develops and that can have lifelong consequences.

A study published in 2015 showed that the more painful childhood experiences a person has, the higher their risk of health and wellness problems later in life.

It also has consequences on the brain, continuous trauma can weaken remaining neural pathways to the thinking part of your brain and strengthen neural pathways to the survival part, thus bypassing the thinking part, which makes some children less capable of coping with adversity as they grow up. When a child goes through events that take a toll on their mental health, it important that the child is offered therapeutic consultation to help resolve those issues, so they do not follow into the adult life.

In Ireland, it is estimated that 115,000 children in care have a mental health illness, causing some impairment, and 23,000 children have severe and disabling mental health problems.

Almost one-quarter of deaths of youths in the care system in the past decade were by suicide. There are more than 6,000 physical abuse cases 41 percent relating to emotional abuse.

All these children in care are suffering because they are put through a faulty system, were in a lot of cases their life is worse than before.

All children in care need a better support system, more needs to be done to make them safe and protected. Children are suffering from the mistakes of the people who are meant to protect them. Therefore these children must be helped immediately.