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Expressing yourself…

16 March 2022

by K

I think this issue needs to be solved in one particular school with their policy of your only allowed to wear one pair of earrings and you’re not allowed to dye your hair and we all have to wear the same clothing.

This is a very bad issue like how we are to express ourselves if we all look the same and show our personalities and what makes us unique. Also, a lot of different communities like LGBTIQ and people of colour and even students cannot express themselves as they are tied down by school policy I wouldn’t even mind if we weren’t allowed to get rid of uniforms at least let students dye their hair and wear more than one piercing like how it is affecting their learning or the teachers to educate others.

This is a very important right as some students that can’t express themselves by speaking might do it through their looks and they should be able to. Like imagine saying to your daughter sorry you can only have natural hair no wild colours not even red hair which is a natural hair colour it is frustrating, or boys can’t have their hair bleached blond because it’s too distracting like how is boys having a bright blond hair colour distracting?

Just keep this in mind readers would you like to do this to your own daughters or sons or even yourself or friends? Imagine being stripped of how you could express yourselves or even changing up your appearance because you were not comfortable with how you looked. Now you are confident and then you go back to school and be told sorry that is not appropriate you will have to dye back to a natural hair colour like that just effects the person’s confidence and their mental and physical health as they were so happy with their appearance and then to be told it’s not good enough.

How is this fair and schools are like yeah, we support pride and expressing yourself, but they have every rule that stops children from expressing themselves and even further not just in schools, the work environment, job interviews like everywhere in working society people have to look the same. It is an outrage, and it should be dealt with now. Young kids need to know they can express themselves and nobody can oppress them.

Thank you for reading