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Interesting work experience in the OCO…

16 December 2020

by F

My time in the OCO was very interesting, they showed me the office, Aoife introduced me to the workers, they were very nice, We had a little break for coffee or tea, then Aoife told the history of the OCO, why does it exist, what are they doing, how do they help children. After, we all went on lunch.

When I came back, I went to the 2nd floor to help them pack 400 bags for the people invited to the event called ‘Child Talks’, that was my 1st day in the OCO.  On the 2nd day, I started by going to the event called ‘My World Survey (Mental Health)’ that took place in Smock Alley Theatre. There were many serious and interesting topics related to teenagers like depression, anxiety, drugs, suicide attempts, and more.

When we came back I went to the meeting with the policy team. I expected it to be boring but actually, it was cool and better than I thought it would be.  They told me about their work, how big their impact on the government is, and how they help kids with their choices. Then I started reviewing a website, which was pretty cool because there is a game on it.

The next day we went to the event ‘Child Talks’, there were so many kids and adults of different ages, the organisation and speeches were extremely good. They talked about really serious and important topics for the children these days. In my opinion, Eric did the best one.

On Thursday I spent the whole day with Cat, she told me about complaints and investigations, and actually, that was really interesting but also confusing, I’ve learned a lot, about what exactly they’re doing and why they don’t accept every complaint, Cat gave a few examples of complaints and I tried to investigate them, I enjoyed it because when I was uncertain she helped me. Also, I got a tutorial on how to make a complaint, which was very helpful. Today was my last day at OCO and it was basically finishing my tasks.