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A Child’s Rights issue that I care about is the right to have a say…

16 December 2020

by E

A children’s rights issue that I care about is the right to be able to have a say and be listened to and not be ignored by adults. I chose this rights issue because it is one that I often see by many adults. Children according to Article 12 of the UNCRC "have the right to give their opinion and for it to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to matters that will affect them."

Children are often ignored because they “don’t know any better” because of their age or because the adults believe they know what is best for them. Which to me is just wrong. Children have just as much of a right to speak their mind as an adult when it is something that will affect them. Children have the same emotions as adults, we all feel the same things.

Some children have bright and brilliant ideas but adults will overlook them because of their age. Children should be listened to and taken seriously and if their ideas or thoughts are not what’s best for them then you don’t have to do what they say. But they should at least be listened to and considered when making a decision that will affect them.

Brexit is a good example of this right being ignored. Brexit will affect a lot of children’s lives. Some may have to leave their school if they go to school across the border. Some families may have to move to accommodate their child’s schooling or may just have to move due to Brexit in general. But during the time of the voting, children weren’t considered at all and all of the implications this would have on their lives. This is a big issue I see even with children in their teens. Many of my friend’s parents simply ignore what they say because they are young. I hope that the adults that ignore this right soon learn that what their child says or thinks is just as valuable as what they do.