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A child’s right I care about is the right to be treated equally…

2 March 2021

by R

A child rights issue that I care about is under the Equal Status Act 2000 in Ireland, which is the right to be treated equally.
I care about this because due to someone’s skin-tone or their race or their ethnicity or their sexuality, they would be discriminated against by any age group, not just children. This type of discrimination would be placed in school, in shops, on the streets, any place at all.

Children would get mocked by their religion, the way they speak, or even stereotypically think how one person acts due to their race. These types of things should be appropriated and should be normalized. People in this generation should be educated about these types of topics. In schools, some children will get bullied by anything just because these bullies aren’t educated on how important these things can be. It’s important that people should know how it’s also their responsibility to treat other people the way they want to be treated and do not discriminate against any other people.

When these types of situations aren’t dealt with, Children would usually get vulnerable and their self-esteem will get brought down.

Adults should have a part in this as children may not have the self-confidence to defend themselves. Adults should be able to tell if children ARE being left behind and if this bullying is happening. For example, students will have the confidence to talk about discrimination or racism and the teachers will just brush it off and will not do anything about it.

It’s hard living in a place where some people will not accept the fact that people are different. Not everyone will be white, be able to speak English fluently, be able to love one gender, to have one culture, or even religion. Every single person is unique and is HUMAN. We all need to embrace and welcome every single person and treat them equally.