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Tá tú anseo:


How is the lockdown affecting children?


We want to hear directly from young people!

We want to know how the coronavirus and the lockdown has impacted you, your home, your education and your right to play and rest. 

During the month of April we are inviting children and young people tell us about what you miss, what you will appreciate more when this is over and what you would like adults to know. Tell us about the creative ways you have passed the time, about what you have learned or something new you have done.

How it will work:

Every week we will ask how this strange time, brought about by the coronavirus, has changed how you can live your life. First we will talk about education, then home and finally play and rest. You can make a video, send a picture, write a message, get creative!

Enter every week, or just focus on one issue.

Submissions can include video, music, acting, poetry, artwork, pieces to camera, gifs, memes, photographs – whatever works for you. Videos should be a max of 30 seconds.

A panel of young people will judge the entries.

A weekly winner will be announced and there will be an overall winner at the end.

How to enter:

To enter just share your picture, caption, meme, 30 second video on your social media or through your parent’s social media account – make sure to use the hashtag! 

Please talk to your parents if you have questions about what you can say or do, especially about how your entry might be used.

In Ireland the Digital Age of Consent is 16. Children under 16 should enter via their parent’s social media ensuring they have permission.

Prize: Each week we will give away a €50 One for All voucher. The overall winner will receive a €100 voucher.

Security and Privacy:

Please be aware that any content created and shared by children and young people through their own social media channels, or through their parents, can be reshared by others.

The OCO will reshare entries on our social media channels. Some entrants will be contacted seeking consent from parents and assent from the young person to use the content in the future to promote the work of the OCO e.g. our annual report, other OCO publications, on our website and in social media. Where we have consent, then names, photos/images, video and audio may be disclosed to printers, website design/management partners, and social media platforms and through corresponding OCO publications, websites and social media accounts. The OCO will retain these photographs/images, video and audio recordings for 3 years.

You can find out more about how the OCO processes personal data and about how to exercise your data protection rights here.