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Tá tú anseo:

Ombudsman for Children’s Office publishes Irish Language Scheme 2020-2023

The Ombudsman for Children’s Office’s (OCO) second Irish Language Scheme is underway, which sees the organisation continue its commitment to providing increased Irish language services to the public for another three years.

Following on from the OCO’s inaugural scheme which began in 2017, the purpose of the scheme is to continue integrating the Irish language into the work of the Office and widen the services available to the public through Irish. The scheme was developed in accordance with the Official Languages Act 2003.

The OCO is an independent body which falls under a number of public service obligations. The Act requires public bodies to outline the measures to be adopted and to set out a clear timeline of delivery.

Commenting on the scheme, which runs from 2020 until 2023, the Ombudsman for Children, Dr. Niall Muldoon said:

“With our second Irish Language Scheme, the OCO is building on our commitment to provide increased services to the public through Irish. Over the past three years we have taken steps to incorporate the Irish language into the work of the Office, which has seen over 20% of our report and press material produced bilingually.

“Our recent Child Talks 2020 event, which consisted of a video offering this year due to Covid restrictions, provided Irish language subtitles for the first time for broadcast online and on national television. With our second scheme we now have a renewed focus to build on the progress already made and to increase the accessibility of our services through the Irish language,” concluded Dr. Muldoon.

The OCO’s Irish Language Scheme 2020-2023 is available here:

Ombudsman for Children’s Office Irish Language Scheme 2020-2023