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Ombudsman for Children pays tribute to Nigel Williams

Ombudsman for Children, Emily Logan has expressed her sadness at the death earlier today of her colleague, Northern Ireland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Nigel Williams, and paid tribute to Nigel’s commitment and dedication to helping children and young people.

Emily said:

“When I first took up post as Ombudsman for Children in the Republic of Ireland, Nigel was an enormous support to me. He was the first person to contact me when I got the job and was incredibly generous with his time, support and advice.

“His energy and single-minded commitment to making life better for children and young people in Northern Ireland was admirable. Even through the tough times of his illness, Nigel, continued to work tirelessly and to put the interests of young people before himself.

“Today is a really sad day. I extend my condolences to Nigel’s family and friends and to all of the staff at the Northern Ireland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Office.”