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What to do if you think that our decision on your complaint is incorrect.

The OCO offers a free and independent service. This means we are not on the side of the child or the service being complained about. We consider every complaint very carefully and aim to give the best possible service to everyone. However, we understand that not everyone will be happy with the decisions we make.

If you think that our decision on your complaint is incorrect, you can avail of our internal appeals procedure.

We may review our decision if you make an appeal within one month of the decision and if you can show that:

  • You have new relevant information which could change our decision
  • We overlooked a relevant and substantial issue
  • We did not obtain relevant and necessary information from the public body concerned or the public body’s stated position is incorrect
  • We misinterpreted or misunderstood your complaint
  • Our decision was incorrect or unreasonable

A review does not mean that we will re-examine your original complaint. It means we will look to see if we took account of all the relevant evidence and made a fair decision.

Please send this checklist along with all other information or documents which you feel supports your request for an appeal by email to for the attention of the Appeals Manager or by post to Appeals Manager, Ombudsman for Children’s Office, Millennium House, 52-56 Gt Strand St, Dublin 1.

A staff member who was not involved in your original complaint will look at your concerns.

You can download OCO’s Appeals Policy and Procedure in full here.