Tune In

TUNE IN: Consultation with Children and Young People

September to November 2016

One of our roles here at the Ombudsman for Children’s Office (OCO) is to raise public awareness of children’s rights, including among children and young people and including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

This autumn, we are doing a consultation called Tune In to hear children and young people’s ideas on good ways for us to raise awareness and understanding of children’s rights among children and young people into the future.

We have developed resource materials to assist schools, Youthreach centres and youth services to support children and young people to take part in Tune In. The materials and accompanying posters about the OCO and the UNCRC can be downloaded below.

We would be delighted if your school, Youthreach centre or youth service could support the children and young people you work with to share their ideas with us.

If you can take part, please send feedback to us no later than 30th November 2016 on the key ideas that the children and young people you work with have.

If you would like us to send you hard copies of the two posters in the post or have any questions about the consultation we can help with, please email us at consultation@oco.ie – thank you.

TuneIn_Schools_Irish_Cover_thumbMaterials for Schools in Irish

Materials for Schools in English

Materials for Youthreach

youth-services-thumbnailMaterials for Youth Services


My life is now is a short film about a complaint the OCO has dealt with. As appropriate, participating schools, Youthreach centres and youth services may wish to show this film if they are extending Activity 1 in the Tune In materials.